What You Need to Know About Wall Mounted ACs

Central air conditioning systems are called for when the local climate routinely prompts homeowners to crank up the AC. But in homes without a central system where you really only need to cool part of the building or a single room, a wall mounted air conditioning unit can be a suitable alternative.

Stay Comfortable All Summer Long

A wall mounted AC is ideal if you are starting to work from home and only need to cool down your WFH office. It’s also useful for a guest bedroom to accommodate someone who is sensitive to hot environments.

Lower Your Utility Bills With Weather Stripping

Wall mounted AC units manufactured today are more efficient than those built a decade or more ago. A new one will cost you less to operate, which will lead to even greater cost savings.

An air conditioning repair professional can seal the gaps between the wall and the wall mounted AC with weather stripping. That keeps cool air from escaping during the summer and locks in the heat during winter.

Selecting the Right Capacity

If your air conditioning unit is more capacity than what’s needed, the equipment will cost more than necessary to run. But if the capacity is too low, you may not get the cooling results you desire. That’s why it’s best to work with a professional, so your unit will match the cooling needs of the space.

For help determining the appropriate capacity of your AC unit, head over to Angi (formerly Angie’s List) to find HVAC services in your area.