The Most Sought-After Property Features Of 2023

As we enter a new year, property developers and interior designers are paying close attention to trends to discover which features are set to become the most celebrated of 2023.

Recent years have seen a significant focus on those inspired by Scandinavian design and that support smart home utility. Now, however, sparse minimalism is being exchanged for eco-friendly and rustic aesthetics, with gadgets being coveted for their discreet integration into a living space. This is great news for those excited by the prospect of home renovation and redesign because it is ushering in significant changes across the property market.

Sustainable Living

Out are the modern and minimal aesthetics of recent trends and in are the rustic, cottagecore features that demonstrate a home’s eco-conscientiousness. Residents are celebrating the imperfect designs associated with organic materials and artisan craftsmanship, showcasing cork and hessian placemats with pride.

Others are taking environmental responsibility more literally, promoting the use of at-home eco-friendly features like compost systems and log cabins, as well as popularising the adoption of solar panels.

Wireless Spaces

With the increasing number of gadgets available to homes, living spaces are becoming quickly encumbered with the indiscretion of wires. To tackle this entanglement, residents are placing a greater value on wireless design, incorporating wireless chargers into furniture and concealing retractable plug sockets into countertops.


Largely prompted by the need for remote working spaces within the home, there has been a surge in demand for log cabins and other similar outbuildings. These external garden structures are blank canvases for design, not being limited to office spaces and opening up an outdoor space to year-round utility.

Professional Space

With a greater number of residents now finding themselves in teleworking positions of employment, homes are becoming the new location for offices. As such, professional working spaces are in demand, with many being designed to accommodate various functions of a room through modular design. This means space rooms can host offices during the day and guests during the night.

Freestanding Baths

An icon of elegance, one that has been popularised by various period dramas, the freestanding bath tub is making its way back into homes. These features are easy to install and are visually appealing, turning any bathroom into a statement interior.

Art Deco Design

The glamorous and intricate designs of the art deco era are making their way back into the spotlight with antique pieces being snatched up quickly. As even higher prices are being offered for vintage designs, statement wallpapers, those embellished with the golden designs, are being adopted into homes, bringing a Gatsby-esque decadence to living spaces.

Wood Burning Stoves

Partly motivated by the rising energy costs and partly inspired by cottagecore aesthetics, woodburning stoves are seeing a revival. Many homes are choosing not only to host woodburning stoves for practical purposes but also for their interior design contributions, often being a choice addition to homes with agas, or a compromised alternative for those unable to accommodate larger, traditional heating options.