Important Causes Of Drainage Problem


 Drainage problems can occur at any time in our house, which creates stress on our minds. The drainage starts from minor issues. If it is not sorted out at that time, it can cause a significant problem. During the emergency, we are forced to call the drainage specialists. It involves time and money. Again, we have to deal with the foul smell when the drains are blocked, which is quite irritating.

Usually, when the drains are clogged, then the water is slowly drained and may cause flooding. We should prevent them right from the start. For that, we should know some critical causes of blocked drains.

Causes Of Drainage Problem

·         Hair

We all wash our hair in the bathroom. They are the primary cause to block your drain. They bind with grease substances and clog the bathroom drains. You can prevent this by having guards on your drain so that it can catch all the hair. One can also use drain cleaner, which is available in the market, to have clean gutters. But we cannot apply them regularly because they can damage pipes. You can also make drain cleaner at home with vinegar and baking soda.

·         Soap

The soap bar which we generally use is made up of fat. This fat mixes with the minerals in water and forms soap scum, which reduces the pipe’s diameter. As a result, the water starts slowly draining in the lines. Even this soap scum causes stains in bathroom fittings.

·         Dirt

Well, it’s our common habit that we wash all the dirt in our home down the drain. But washing excess dirt can cause gutters to block. It may cause serious problems.

·         Oil, Grease and Fat

The oil and grease substances solidify in pipes and cause blockages.

·         Food Waste

You should never allow the food waste to go into your drain. Mainly the tea leaves and coffee grounds do not easily break and create blocking in the gutters.

·         Minerals

The minerals are usually there in hard water and that also in a dissolved state. They form insoluble masses which can clog the drains.

·         Tree Roots

Small holes in the pipes attract the growth of tree roots. The tree roots, when they start growing in the lines, can damage the whole pipe.

Drain Services In London

You can quickly repair your unblock drains London. There are numerous drainage specialists in London. Now, most of them install the CCTV camera in the gutter. As a result, the specialists can be able to inspect the problem quickly. They clean the drains of the house by high-pressure water jetting. The drain repairs London specialists use rat blockers to prevent rats from entering the house. They use mechanical Eel, and high-pressure jet to permanents eliminates tree root problem which usually blocks the drain.


The drain services in London are excellent. They try their best ways to unblock drains London.