Garden Design for Children and Adults

Balancing a home’s design for the entire family might seem like a bit of a zero-sum game for many people. The more you design your garden towards your own interests, the less likely your children will enjoy it, and that the same applies vice versa. But in reality, that isn’t true, with many gardens being a potentially fun, enjoyable place for both adults and children.

Making the garden a calm place to relax as well as a fun play area for the kids simultaneously is quite the challenge. If you design your garden right, then you don’t necessarily need to be continuously tripping up on climbing structures for the sake of your kids. Here are some ideas that you should consider when designing a garden fit for all ages.

  • Focus on nature: You don’t always need to go out of your way in order to buy playing equipment for your children. This is because children are often more creative than adults and can turn almost anything into a playground! However, if you really want to make an effort for them, then you might decide that it is a good idea to create play areas out of natural materials that are already in your garden. For instance, you might make some stepping stones out of tree stumps. Keep in mind, though, that you don’t want your kids twisting their ankles, so make sure that it’s all child-friendly.
  • Build a climbing frame: This is something that your children will never get bored of! A climbing frame can be made out of natural or manmade materials. For instance, you might decide to build a climbing wall up the trunk of a thick tree. Also, keep safety in mind – you don’t want your kids getting hurt. This might also not be fully appropriate if your children are too young.
  • Buy some child-friendly garden furniture: Children tend to be intrigued by things that aren’t ordinary. As such, ordinary tables and chairs, especially those made of wood or metal, aren’t likely to entice them. On top of that, these materials tend to be quite hard, meaning that children may injure themselves easily. If you’re looking for something different, you should consider sourcing rattan garden furniture, which is made out of a soft, water-resistant material that is perfect for the garden.
  • Zoning: If your garden is big enough, and you really don’t think that both you and your children will be able to enjoy the same garden spaces at the same time, then you should consider zoning off different parts of your garden for different purposes. For instance, you might want to create a calm, nature-filled area of the garden and an alfresco dining patio area for the adults. Then, on the other side of the garden, you can create a children’s play area. You might want to ensure that the play area is visible from the adults’ seating, though, especially if your children need a watchful eye on them to stay safe.

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