Finding Residential HVAC Contractors In Your City: 5 Pointers To Consider!

Even the best heating & air conditioning units need repairs & maintenance at some point. As a homeowner, you should have the number of a reliable HVAC contractor on your speed dial at all times. In the service industry, every company claims to be better than others, and it is often hard to select one. In this post, we are sharing five pointers that you must consider while looking for an HVAC maintenance service.

  1. Credentials

You would be surprised to know that many HVAC companies are neither licensed, nor do they have a team of repairmen and technicians. First things first, check if the company or local service is licensed, and if they are insured. Repairing heating & cooling units, cleaning airducts, and replacing parts are risky jobs, and if one of their workers is injured, you wouldn’t want to pay for the medical bills. Also, check if the HVAC is a member of local or state bodies, where applicable.

  1. Experience

How long has the company been in business? This is a very basic question but tells a lot about an HVAC contractor. As a new client, you can also decide to ask for references. Call up a few of their clients to know more, or check on Google to find independent reviews. Always select a contractor you can rely on.

  1. Response time

If your HVAC unit suddenly stops working, you don’t want to wait for days for get it repaired. For most heating & cooling issues, immediate help is expected, and it is best to check the response time of a service. Many HVAC contractors have emergency numbers, and even though they may charge more to attend a call in such times, you can expect prompt response.

  1. Estimates

Fair and transparent pricing is another aspect that matters for selecting HVAC contractors. Check if the concerned company is ready to give a quote for the job in advance – regardless of whether it is about indoor air testing, or replacing the air filters. For certain selected repair and replacement jobs, you can expect a warranty too.

  1. In-house expertise

Ask the HVAC contractor about the brands, models and systems they deal in, and if they have an in-house team of workers, repairmen and experts. Their workers should be bonded, insured, trained, and experienced for taking up HVAC repair and maintenance jobs.

Finally, do ask if they can offer a yearly maintenance contract, so that you can avoid expensive repairs.