5 Causes of window damage

Windows and doors serve both functional and aesthetic purposes in homes. They serve as a form of protection to the interior part of the house and compliment the house’s exterior look. Most windows and doors are designed to be durable and also be able to withstand weather elements. However, with time, even a well-maintained window may need replacement, especially when they get damaged. As a homeowner, it can be useful to know some of the causes of window damage so that you can know the necessary repairs.

·  Weather and Climate

Apart from providing a means of security against intruders, one of the major functions of windows and doors is to provide defense against harsh weather elements like rain, extreme heat, hailstorms, etc. The changing weather of a particular location can cause cracks in windows, especially glass windows. Windows can also get damaged when there’s heavy rainfall, leading to moisture build-up around the window.

·  Improper Installation

If you observe problems with your window after installing them, it is most likely due to issues during the installation process. Not only can an improper installation cost you your new window, but it can also compromise the structural integrity of the home. Ensure you hire professionals to install your windows and draws.

·   Wear and Tear Due to Years of Use

Even the best windows wear down after years of active use. Most windows have a lifespan of about 15-20 years, after which they may begin to deteriorate. If you observe that your windows are no longer functioning as they used to, it may be time to install new ones.

·   Moisture build-up

Heavy rainfall is one of the causes of moisture build-up. However, the moisture build-up can also be caused by hot showers, roof or wall leakages, cooking appliances, and dishwashers in the home. In this case, the water in the air around the house condenses on window surfaces. The condensed water on window surfaces can lead to the growth of molds and mildews.

·  Poor Maintenance

Finally, maintenance is key to ensuring that you enjoy your windows and doors for a long time. This means regularly cleaning the window surfaces, inspecting the windows and areas around the windows for potential damages. With the proper maintenance, you can prevent major damages before they occur.

Windows are very important to the overall appearance and functionality of a home. Therefore, any damage, whether a minor or a major one, will negatively affect the home. For example, a crack in your window can cause the loss of heat from home, which in turn causes your energy bill to go up. Having windows and doors expert inspect your windows regularly will save you extra expenses even when major damage occurs.