3 Tips For Organizing The Home Of Your Elderly Loved One

In order to help your elderly loved one stay safe in their home, it’s vital that their space is clean and organized. Otherwise, they could increase their risks of slipping, tripping, falling, or otherwise getting injured around the house. But sadly, many elderly people don’t know how to declutter and organize themselves, which can make it incredibly helpful to get some assistance from you.

If you’re determined to help your loved one get their home back under control, here are three tips for organizing the home of your elderly loved one.

Start With The Most Vital Elements

If your elderly loved one’s home is completely disheveled, it can be hard to know where to start. But when thinking about how your loved one lives, you’re going to want to start with organizing the most vital elements of their life: their medication.

For those who don’t already have a system in place for organizing their medications, this can be something very helpful that you can do. Along with physically putting the right medications in the right slots of their daily medication organizer like they do in assisted living facilities, you can also do things like help them automate their refills, set timers for when they are to take certain medications, and help them get rid of old medication that they shouldn’t be taking anymore. 

Choose Wise Storage Options

When organizing for someone else, what you really want to focus on is storage options that will work for them. And when the person you’re organizing for is an elderly loved one, the best storage options for them will be ones that require very little reaching.

If storage is too low or too high, it can be hard for your elderly loved one to get to it. Because of this, you should be sure to keep storage shelves or cupboards in places that are easy to reach. Additionally, if you can find storage solutions that don’t take up too much space, like furniture pieces that have storage but also double as something else, you can help to keep walkways around the home from feeling too cluttered.

Only Keep Their Actual Belongings

For elderly people that have lived in the same home for years and years, you might find that some of the items they have aren’t even theirs. Sometimes, children or grandchildren will bring things or leave things at their grandparents house as a temporary storage option. But when you’re trying to help your elderly loved one get organized, you should make sure that you’re only dealing with their actual beloings. So if you find something that belongs to someone else, either get them to come pick it up or donate it. 

If you have an elderly loved one that needs some help getting and keeping their home organized, consider using the tips mentioned above when you lend them a hand.