September 25, 2021


Kid’s Bedroom: 6 Organizing Hacks That Parents can Use

As a parent, we often to buy a lot of things for your kids. From plush animals, mountains of tots, and piles of clothes, it will not be a surprise that your child’s room can quickly turn into one big mess.

Therefore, organizing their bedroom can be a challenge, especially if the space is small. Organizing your kid’s bedroom often requires creativity, inspiration, and the right action plan to keep their bedroom clean successfully.

In this post, we will walk you some tips on how you can overcome this challenge:

Use Memory Boxes

While you sort through their things, you’ll find out that there are certain things that children often hold on to as memories.

So, why not try utilizing memory boxes, where you can tell them to place whatever they want on the box.

You can turn these boxes into a great place to store photos, gifts, art, and other things they’ve gotten from family and friends.

Add Drawers Under the Bed

That ample space under your child’s bed is often a space begging to be used.

If you want to have more closet or drawer space, you can swap your kids’ seasonal items and then place them in the drawers that you’ve added under their bed.

If you want the under-the-bed storage to be seen, you can add rollaway drawers. Usually, these come with different colors and finishes that often blend well with the bed.

They’re easily accessible for kids, too, making them excellent storage for clothes and toys.

Go for Double-duty Pieces

If it’s a small bedroom, then you should consider investing in multifunctional furniture. You can search for pieces that can do at least two tasks.

For instance, toy chests are excellent storage options that you can place at the foot of your bed, under a window, or against a wall. Moreover, if there is anything wrong with the windows, you can also opt for home glass window repair.

A well-designed wall unit can also be a place that not only houses books and other knick-knacks but can also be converted as a dresser or a desk.

Some chairs often have pull-up seats containing small storage compartments. Usually, a lot of kids are delighted to find these hidden spaces.

Shelve It

Shelves are great organization and storage solutions. They can go on top of desks, dressers, or the bedroom door.

For younger kids, you can consider placing shelves lower on the wall so that they can easily reach out for their books and toys. For taller kids, put the shelves higher up so that you can make good use of the vertical space.

Similarly, shelves are a cost-effective way to add more décor to your kid’s room. You might choose shelves in different sizes and colors and then creatively arrange the shelves on the wall. For a more customized touch, you can use your child’s favorite color.

Also, when filling in the shelves, you need to coordinate the color, shape, and what kind of object it is. Doing so makes it visually appealing. It’s also a lot easier for kids to remember where particular objects belong.

Remember to Hook It

Using hooks allows you to do two things- decorate and organize your child’s room simultaneously. It also makes it easier for your child to find things as it’s hung.

Hooks are a practical storage solution, primarily thanks to their petite size.

Meaning they can go in a wall that couldn’t otherwise hold a piece of furniture. Other great places that you can place hooks can be that unused portion of your closet well or that awkward space in a bedroom.

You can also hang storage sacks on every hook so that it’s a lot easier to store smaller toys and gloves. What’s great about using hooks is that they come in different designs.

If it’s a shared bedroom, you can customize each hook with a name. This is a great way to create a defined space for every child.

Get Rid of the Clutter

When it comes to your child’s room, less is usually more.

Adapt this concept, and then get rid of the stuff that your kids have simply outgrown or need.

At Maid Sailors Home Cleaning Services Austin, our advice is to tone it down every six months or so. Usually, you’ll be surprised that there are many unnecessary things that you might want to donate or get rid of.

By doing so, your child’s room will feel lighter and less cluttered.

Over to You

These handy organization tips and hacks make cleaning your child’s room so much easier. This will also give you extra storage to store their toys and other stuff.

Do not let your child’s messy and disorganized bedroom overwhelm you. By making these adjustments, you can organize and maximize your child’s space.

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Remodelling Your House

Remodelling your house isn’t an easy endeavour. You have to prepare yourself physically and financially if you want to succeed in completing the process. While you won’t do the job yourself, you have to supervise it. Before you commence anything, here are a few questions to ask yourself.

What changes do you want to see?

Make sure you know which areas to remodel and how you want it to look after construction. Of course, you won’t know every detail, but you must have the big picture. It’s easier to pursue these changes when the direction is clear. For instance, if you’re into online gaming, you know that the old storage room will be your new entertainment area. You can spend countless hours enjoying games like online casinos offered by You should also buy the equipment needed to transform the place.

How much are you willing to spend?

You must also set a budget before starting the process. Don’t go beyond the amount set. You might have other home improvement projects in the future, and you can’t afford them. You already spent everything you go on the recent project.

How long will the process take?

You won’t always be available to supervise the process. You also have to deal with other tasks. You need to have a timeline to determine how much time you will allocate for the construction. You may also need adjustments based on your chosen project.

Where do you get ideas from?

You don’t have to start the process from scratch. You may also get ideas from other people. Check someone else’s house and get inspired by it. You may also look at lifestyle websites and magazines as a start. You don’t need to copy everything you see. You can get a few ideas and integrate them with your style.

What are you willing to let go of?

When you remodel, you need to sacrifice a few things. If you wish to expand your kitchen, it might reduce your outdoor space. If you transform your storage room, you won’t have an area to keep your old items anymore. The same thing is true if you turn your garage into an entertainment room. There’s no sufficient space to park your car. Before you remodel any area, make sure you’re ready to let something go. It’s part of the process.

Once you already answered these questions, it’s time to get started. You may also work with a contractor and interior designer to help you get through the construction. If you decide to work with these experts, prepare to pay more. The good thing is they will help you find affordable furniture, equipment, and accessories. They have connections with different stores to help you reduce expenses.

Hopefully, the project turns out the way you wanted it to. If not, you can always consider new changes in the future. Take your time to remodel the house until you feel satisfied with the results.

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